Hanshi Chris Dessa

Hanshi Chris R Dessa, 9th Dan Black belt graded September 2017. The grading examiner Kancho Yoshitoshi Sato, 10th Dan, President all Japan Shorinji Seishin Kan Karate Do Renmei.

Hanshi has always been very proud having gained all his ranks black belts dans from Japan organisations from 1965 to present day. Hanshi started his training at the age of 12 after 60 years and still training at 72 years of age. He is actively taking classes from 5 to 6 days per week, which has been his life’s passion. With the wealth of knowledge gained from many teachers he has trained under all over Japan, he has developed one of the best self defense systems combining traditional katas with modern methods using his knowledge of sabaki to give the practitioner the best opportunity for success with safety in mind. Hanshi Dessa has 52 years teaching and running his dojo and has graded a modest 138 black belts including upto 6th Dan levels. At present he is director of 4 clubs from Northland to Invercargill. Many of his students has won national and international tournaments. He is also a qualified tournament judge and referee having officiated many times in Japan and other countries