Monthly Joint-Training (Japan Kumite focus)

All the students (seniors, intermediates, juniors) are expected to attend the joint training at Bay Roskill Sport Club on the last Sunday of each month.

Japan trip 2018:

Another successful Japan trip completed by our team 6th Nov returning to NZ

The team trained at Grand Master home in Naha Okinawa. Training in his garden and enjoying a lunch in Nanjo. It was a historical event for the team who never visited grand master Joen Nakazato before.

Then on the famous Okinawa Karate Kaikan where teams from all over the world visit and get taught by the living legends in Okinawa from the oldest styles of Karate do.

The team trained at Kancho Yoshitosho Sato home dojo where he tested and confirmed the grades that Hanshi Dessa had already given aftyer grading the students in New Zealand before leaving.

Tournament Results. Taufil Omar 1st in Senior Kumite, Renshi Syed 3rd in Senior Kata, Phoebe Le 3rd in open womens Kata, 3rd in Kumite.

Taufil Omar, Sebastian Derksen, William Le, Well done to all. Osu!!!

Black Belt grading: 25th August held at Van Roon Martial Arts Dojo.