History statement:

History statement: Hanshi Chris R Dessa, 9th Dan Black belt graded September 2017. The grading examiner Kancho Yoshitoshi Sato, 10th Dan, President all Japan Shorinji Seishin Kan Karate Do Renmei.

Hanshi has always been very proud having gained all his ranks black belts dans from Japan organisations from 1965 to present day. Hanshi started his training at the age of 12 after 61 years and still training at 73 years of age. He is actively taking classes from 5 to 6 days per week, which has been his life’s passion. With the wealth of knowledge gained from many teachers he has trained under all over Japan, he has developed one of the best self defense systems combining traditional katas with modern methods using his knowledge of sabaki to give the practitioner the best opportunity for success with safety in mind.




What is a Dojo?

Not just a hall or empty space. It is a place a person can challenge him/herself overcome fears. Learn discipline, respect. Improve mental attitude. Gain healthy body and most important leave egos outside. Make great friends for life where students learn from the teacher and teachers learn from students.

Hanshi Chris R Dessa karate do history spans over 60 years in training.

Achievements by Hanshi Dessa

1. Inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2002
2. Inducted into the Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame
3. Inducted into the World Union Karate Hall of Fame
4. Fukuoka Japan award medal for service to Karate-do
5. Eden/Albert community service award
6. Auckland Hero Award New Zealand of the year 2016
7. Semi-finalist New Zealander of the year senior MET life
8. Judge and Referee in NZ / Japan

Instructors who have taught and helped his journey in Karate do

1. England 1958-1965:
  • Sensei Earl Harrison, Sensei Charles Mack
  • Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa Kensington Town hall
  • Sensei Suziki, Crystal palace seminar
  • Sensei Trevor Collis, York Karate
2. Okinawa Grand Master Joan Nakazato, 10th Dan Shorinji Seishin Kan Dojo ChinenNanjo City
  • Hanshi M. Sakugawa, Nanko Dojo, Okinawa
  • Shihan Sakae Dojo Nishihara Ichikawa Nonman
3. Shotokan Honbu Dojo Tokyo
  • Sensei Masatoshi Nakayama
  • Sensei Ashi
  • Sensei Masaokagawa
  • Sensei Imamura
4. Ashihara Kaikan Karate
  • Kancho Hideyuki Ashihara
  • Hanshi Noriyoshi Nakamato
  • Sensei Sato
  • Sensei Horoshi Harada
  • Young Kancho Hidenori Ashihara
5. Enshin Karate
  • Kancho Jokoninomiya NZ Seminars
6. Great instructors who have helped me in New Zealand
  • Hanshi Dave Butler, 8th Dan, Samurai Arts Jujitsu
  • Master Hanshi Ray Irving, 7th Dan, Shotokan Karate
  • Shihan Horoshi Fugimoto NZ
  • Hanshi Simon Gaunt , 10th Dan, Bujinkan Hiryu Dojo, Ninjutsu
  • Shihan Peter Jennings, 5th Dan, Kyokushin Karate
  • Kyoshi Tom Price, 6th Dan, Seishin Budo Kyokai
  • Renshi Peter Thompson, 4th Dan, Toa Kickboxing / Sieshin Budo Kyokai
  • Sensei Carl Van Roon, ITF Taekwondo
  • Hanshi Risto Vantar, 8th Dan, Finland Hokutoryu Jujitsu
  • Soke Auvo Niniketo, 10th Dan, Finland Hokutoryu Jujitsu

Plus many other students and instructors black belts who have helped me. Thank you all.

7. Seishinkan Karate-do - Japan, Fukuoka (At present)

At present, Hanshi Chris Dessa is affiliated to training under Kancho Yoshitoshi Sato – 86 years of age, president all Japan Shorinji Seishinkan Karate Do Renmei

Contact address: 1 Chome, 2-7 Onojo City, Fukuoka, Japan
Phone: 0081925038450

Instructors (who come under Kancho Sato) trains with Hanshi when he travels to Japan

  • Hanshi Masatoshi Mitarai, 8th Dan
  • Shihan Junji Miyakazaki, 5th Dan
  • Shihan Kiyotada Yoshimura, 7th Dan
  • Shihan Syoji, 4th Dan
  • Sensei Akinori Fujimoto, 4th Dan Ho
  • Kyoshi Murashi, 7th Dan Kyoshi
  • Kaitano, 7th Dan
  • Kyoshi Udo, 7th Dan
  • Sensei Nakamura, 5th Dan